Viña Carmen presents Premier 1850, a tribute to its 165 year history

29 de August de 2015

Santiago, August 2015. Premier 1850 is the name of the new line of reserva wines that Carmen launches simultaneously in the national and international markets, which pays tribute to its more than 160 years of history, plagued with success and key milestones that have positioned as one of the most important wineries in Chile.

The Premier 1850 line comes with a broad portfolio that includes both red and white varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. All the experience and knowledge of Viña Carmen is now reflected in modern style wines, with purity and intensity of fruit.

The reds come from the Colchagua Valley, offering great versatility and character, while whites have their origin in the Casablanca Valley, being all very fresh and easy to drink wines.

Carmen, innovating since 1850

Tribute to over 160 years of history, Viña Carmen has been featured in the winemaking tradition of the country. An example of this is the key role Carmen played in the rediscovery of Carmenere 20 years ago, variety believed extinct in the world and that reappeared in the vineyard in Alto Maipo at the hands of the French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot.

Another unknown fact for many, and a symbol of the blend of tradition and constant innovation of Carmen, is being the first winery in developing organic wines under the Nativa brand, which now have a strong presence in Chile and the world.

Today, Carmen is present in over 60 countries, using all his experience and adapting to modern times without losing its essence.